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I'm so happy!
AHA! Happy go lucky me!
I just go my way,
living everyday!

I don't worry!
Worrying don't agree,
Things that bother you,
never bother me!

Things that bother you,
never bother me
I feel happy and fine!
Living in the sunlight,
loving in the moonlight
Having a wonderful time!

Haven't got a lot,
I don't need a lot
Coffee's only a dime
Living in the sunlight,
loving in the moonlight,
having a wonderful time!
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I could turn you into a cloud! Or a bad idea. Or... something useful.

Three things of note, today.

1) The Elder Scrolls IV: The Shivering Isles. The art direction on this game is absolutely amazing. I make no secret of the fact that my favorite part of Morrowind was the art direction - whatever other faults I perceive, Morrowind was a place that truly felt alien to the player, from the flora to the fauna (giant insects ho!) to the architecture of the cities. Shivering isles does it quite nearly as well as its older brother - though in my opinion, the game does suffer from a couple things. One, the decision to divide the Shivering Isles into Dementia and Mania hurts it in some ways. Dementia is a lot like many of the lands in Oblivion were - gray, dull, and dreary. The flora is astounding, yes - I love the mushroom trees in particular - but it's still gray. Give me color! Give me a riotous tumult of colors that is almost painful to the eyes!

Admittedly, Mania may give this to me. I've spent most of my time in Sheogorath's Domain in the rain washed lands of Dementia, and have yet to observe the colors of Mania, except in Sheogorath's capitol, in the Bliss district (which was sunny and beautiful and strange).

I've not played enough of the expansion to actually tell you what sort of plot the expansion has, save to say this: while I enjoy Sheogorath's new voice, the whiny quality of his original voice in Oblivion was perfectly fine with me, and I honestly find it a little strange they didn't stick with one voice actor for the game and the expansion.

2) School! I'm glad that I got to see a bunch of people today. 'twas nice, even, to sit in on some classes and relive the glorious days of Auld.

3) Driving! That's right, yours truly is now in possession of a permit. Driving is simultaneously terrifying and liberating.

And that's all I've got! This has been a presentation of Lelly's Day in an effort to stop being a stupid wanker. Peace out.
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fiddle fiddle fiddle

I need a new icon! an Emo Fiddler icon! This shall have to be constructed when I have a free minute, as I have a feeling I'm going to be posting a lot of stupid emo cheese. The phrase "playing the emo fiddle" just strikes such a lovely chord within me.

I had a thought! What if every anime were as good as Last Exile? and what if Kristin watched more good anime? Would I have more faith in her taste, and not see a preview for a new emo-wanker looking series about a bunch of girly pretty-men and go "Kristin's going to watch this for sure"? (Kristin! If you read this, I'm not jesting, actually. With a few notable exceptions your taste in anime is horrible and this is coming from someone who watched Dead or Alive [and not the miike film, either] and enjoyed it. But I forgive you.)

The world will never know!

Also, girls at Willamette suck. I'm just sayin'.

buttheydon'tdoitforfreewhichissomethingdeservingofarimshotandmanjessieisgoingtokillmeoratleastshakeherheadruefullyandgo'ohyoushepardboys '


There is something incredibly infuriating about my mom asking me if I've started dating yet two goddamn weeks after Kristin broke up with me.
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Well, that's an interesting way for things to end...

Erich Kästner is a man who, I think, understood far more about life than most people. Even if he didn't, though, this poem is a wonderful piece that my shoddy translation doesn't do justice to; and one that captures how I feel right now almost perfectly.

After they had known each other for nine years
(and one could say they knew themselves well)
they lost their love
the way other people lost their shoes, or a hat

They were sad, but acted happy
dabbled in kisses, as if nothing was wrong
and they saw themselves and knew no more.
There she cried; and he stood thereby.

From the window you could see the ships sailing
He said that it was quarter after four
and time to go somewhere for some coffee.
Nearby, someone played piano.

They went in a small café on the street
and stirred their cups.
In the evening they still sat there.
They sat alone, and said nothing
and they could not understand it.

It's too bad things went this way, but I suppose that's the luck of the draw. I'm not angry, not upset, not depressed... just numb.